Frozen fish and seafood from Spain

    Oversea Atlantic Fish was founded in Vigo of Spain in 2008. It is a new company with great though experience in the trading of frozen seafood, with intense activity in imports and exports. Thanks to its innovative methods of products’ freezing, Oversea offers to the consumers the opportunity to enjoy frozen products that fully maintain their nutritional properties.

    Having as main goal the satisfaction of the customer, the human potential of Oversea works based on the principles, the quality, the coherence both concerning purchase and sale of the goods. The export policy of the company is based on the loyalty as well as the effective communication with the different markets.

    In any case, Oversea guarantees the handling of every order with responsibility, taking care of the order course from its consignment to the reception from the final customer.




    Frozen seafood from France

    Pecheries d’Armorique is a family company which was founded in 1972 in North Brittany.

    Today, as a member of Group Le Graet, the company produces seafood in installations of 2.700 square meters. Its unit produces annually 2.500 tons of cephalopods (cuttlefish and squids). Since 2000 the activities of Pecheries d’Armorique has been expanded in the trade of various shellfish such as clams and scallops.

    With the 70% of its turnover in exports, the company constitutes the first force in the export of cephalopods in France.

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