French beef

ELIVIAElivia is the second biggest meat industry in France. Since its beginning in 1981 as part of Soviba group, Elivia has now reached to produce 150.000 tons of young bull, bovine, pork and lamb meat annually. With slaughterhouses in the biggest cities of meat tradition, as Le Lion d’Angers, Villers-Bocage, Noeux les Mines, Mirecourt , it manages to collect high quality animals, offering this way products of excellent quality.

Using traceability method, Elivia ensures its products’ safety and quality. Thus, it permits its collaborators to recognize the race, the breeder, the area of birth and breeding of each animal.

Having particular interest for export, Elivia succeeds in exporting 40.000 tons annually, mainly towards Europe but also to Middle East, Russia and Asia. With quality and adaptation to changing needs as its main principles, Elivia is continuously evolving, offering services and products of high level.

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