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During the use of the web pages and applications of Arghyriou Company, several information, including a.o. information which allow your identification may be accessible or collected by Arghyriou Company, for the purposes mentioned in the present policy and for as long as required under the applicable laws. Said data may be transmitted in anonymized form to third persons which provide us with services for statistical data on the web site’s traffic.

Arghyriou Company commits to maintain the confidentiality of such data and collect personal data exclusively for the purpose of providing quality services, for analysis of the recognizability of our content and for the support of the users for the services for which they sign up and the promotion of new services.

What kind of information we collect:

  • Your e-mail address as well as other information on you (ie name of the user, address, phone number, user name, access code) which you are requested to fill in at the time of your subscription to the Arghyriou Company newsletter , or via the form you fill in and expressly consent to the processing of your personal data.

  • Information which are acquired with the help of cookies stored in your computer or the device which allows your identification, if you return to the Arghyriou Company web pages (you can use your browser settings to change your privacy and use of cookies settings)

  • Any information you make in public, posting comments on the Arghyriou Company web page

  • The list of your favorite products in case your create one in your personal account

  • Any information you transmit via e-mail

  • Personal data if you visit our website, or use third parties’ applications web pages or platforms (ie social networks)

  • The IP address as well as information on your browser, the kind of operating system, the kind of portable or mobile device you use in order to gain access to the Arghyriou Company web pages and applications

  • Non personal data which are collected by third parties on our behalf with the help of statistical elements on users’ behavior in the Arghyriou Company web pages. The third parties performing this service don’t have access to personal data.

The Arghyriou Company web pages and applications may contain links to web sites which belong or are administered by third parties. Arghyriou Company bears no responsibility for the privacy policy of such internet sources. Arghyriou Company doesn’t send information to publishing companies.

How we may use the personal data:

  • To provide you access to the internet content

  • To personalize your user experience

  • In order to have feedback and reply to your questions

  • In order to communicate with you regarding the information you may provide to Arghyriou Company

  • In order to analyze the user behavior for the improvement of internet services

  • In order to prevent disruptions in the operation of our web pages and applications

  • In order to avoid the breach of our commenting rules in the Arghyriou Company web pages

Transmission of personal data

We undertake the obligation to maintain confidentiality of your information with the exception of cases where their disclosure is required or permissible according to the applicable law.

Arghyriou Company may transmit your personal data in the following cases:

  • When the personal data is transmitted for the processing following consent of the data subject

  • When the personal data are required in the framework of a court litigation, as long as this doesn’t collide with the applicable law

Arghyriou Company ensures the integrity of your personal data from third parties’ access using appropriate technical and organizational protection measures. Despite the above, because the transmission of information via internet is not 100% safe, we cannot provide any warranties and urge you to stay vigilant when divulging your sensitive information.

Transmission outside the EEA to countries which according to the valid list of countries which don’t provide adequate security level for personal data takes place on the basis of standard contractual clauses which have been approved by the EU-Commission. You have right of access to these terms, by communicating with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We would also transmit your data to certain service providers we use for the processing of personal data (for example service providers for the support of the IT systems). The mentioned providers have undertaken express commitment to maintain confidentiality and privacy and have adopted appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of their systems.

Social Networks

Visitors are offered the possibility to access or interact with the services of third parties, such as Facebook and Twitter. When interconnecting with the pages, through the services of third parties, information may be communicated for said services providers and vice versa, may be communicated to Arghyriou Company data regarding visitors/users.

When the visitors/users allow Arghyriou Company to have access to their data through third parties for the creation of a profile in a page, said data may be used for different purposes, such as:

-automated creation of connection with the Arghyriou Company system. For example, if the visitor/user is connected with one page through a service with a public list of friends, such as Twitter, Arghyriou Company may verify if any person followed by any visitor/user in Twitter is also member of the page. In this case, there will be a reproduction of the relationship of the visitor/user on twitter with such members, setting them in order to be fans, followers or friends on said page.

-Relationship proposal. For example if the visitor/user is connected via the page through a service which has a list of contacts (such as Google and Yahoo!), on behalf of Arghyriou Company audits its contacts for persons who are members of the page in order to propose to be a follower of such users. This process is not automated. The visitor/user must choose to accept to be follower of these proposed users in order to be activated.

-Completion of the list by possible friends to whom the visitor/user may send e-mail. All the users share content with their friends using as example the function “forward-to-a-friend” the page may use lists of friends from third parties’ services to create a contact list to whom the potential visitor/user may select to send the e-mail.

-Completion of the list of possible friends to whom the visitor/user may send specific messages per services. For example there may be use of list of friends from third party service in order to create a list of contacts, the members of which the visitor/user may elect to send an invitation to see an interactive presentation.

Lastly we inform you that:

  • we use appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to keep your data safe

  • you have right of access, correction and/or deletion of your data at any time,

  • you have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr)


Arghyriou Company may from time to time renew or revise this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you check this document regularly. You may address your questions and comments through the communication form.


For any issue regarding the present policy you may communicate with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • 4 Vouliagmenis Ave. 167 77 Elliniko, Greece
  • +30 2103247270
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.