Fresh and frozen fine meat and game from all over the world

    Zandbergen is among the top companies in the international meat market, having its headquarters in Zoeterwoude, Holland. Thanks to entrepreneurial spirit and deep knowledge of the market, Zandbergen manages to offer its customers high quality services and products. Zandbergen guarantees to its customers services from the initial purchase of the product until the delivery, preventing customers from dealing with transport details and other time consuming procedures, controlling completely at the same time the quality of the products.

    Zandbergen imports beef, lamb, pork and poultry meat from USA, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Botswana, Namibia, Ireland and Scotland and exports it to all member states of European Union.

    Some of the particularly known firms that the company handles:

    • The Frozen Butcher
    • World's Finest: The brand for high quality meat
    • Tyson's IBP: The unique flavour of U.S. beef
    • AAco's 1824: Premium beef from Australia
    • El Rancho & San Alberto: Grainfed beef from Uruguay

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  • IBP


    U.S. BEEF

    US beef –Unique in taste

    The American beef comes from free range beef, whose breeding is completed by a balanced alimentation with grains. Calves, whose meat is intended to be exported in E.U. are bred for at least 100 days with grains.

    The American beef is famous for its tenderness and taste.

    High quality level of American beef is a result of intensive research in the domain of bovine breeding. The breeding of chosen cattle ensures the stable quality.

    Fiber texture- a sign of quality.

    The fiber texture, id est the intramuscular fat in the lean meat, characterizes the quality of the meat. The fiber texture improves the savouriness and makes meat more tender, juicy and aromatic. The fine fibers in the American beef are a result of grain breeding.

    Advantages for health

    US beef constitutes ideal complement of a balanced alimentation and offers the organism precious nutrients such as proteins, iron, zinc and vitamin B.

    US beef is a product of 100% quality and complies with all of the EU regulations.

    Us beef that is exported in EU must derive from animals that are not bred with hormones of rapid growth. In EU it is permitted to be imported only beef meat that comes from animals which are bread according the the programme NHTC (without hormones).

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