French beef

    Elivia is the second biggest meat industry in France. Since its beginning in 1981 as part of Soviba group, Elivia has now reached to produce 150.000 tons of young bull, bovine, pork and lamb meat annually. With slaughterhouses in the biggest cities of meat tradition, as Le Lion d’Angers, Villers-Bocage, Noeux les Mines, Mirecourt , it manages to collect high quality animals, offering this way products of excellent quality.

    Using traceability method, Elivia ensures its products’ safety and quality. Thus, it permits its collaborators to recognize the race, the breeder, the area of birth and breeding of each animal.

    Having particular interest for export, Elivia succeeds in exporting 40.000 tons annually, mainly towards Europe but also to Middle East, Russia and Asia. With quality and adaptation to changing needs as its main principles, Elivia is continuously evolving, offering services and products of high level.

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    Spanish beef

    The Spanish "GRUPO MONTALBAN" provides high quality certified beef. It is a family business with great experience and tradition in cattle, which guarantees the selection of animals from privately owned farms and animal feed they produce, resulting in homogeneity of the meat.

    The group gradually integrates new products and services that meet the needs of its customers, assuming a high level of responsibility in its actions.

    Its goal is to offer high quality meat with regard to appearance, color, tenderness and juicy texture. The company's high know-how is oriented towards full customer satisfaction.

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    Fresh and frozen fine meat and game from all over the world

    Zandbergen is among the top companies in the international meat market, having its headquarters in Zoeterwoude, Holland. Thanks to entrepreneurial spirit and deep knowledge of the market, Zandbergen manages to offer its customers high quality services and products. Zandbergen guarantees to its customers services from the initial purchase of the product until the delivery, preventing customers from dealing with transport details and other time consuming procedures, controlling completely at the same time the quality of the products.

    Zandbergen imports beef, lamb, pork and poultry meat from USA, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Botswana, Namibia, Ireland and Scotland and exports it to all member states of European Union.

    Some of the particularly known firms that the company handles:

    • The Frozen Butcher
    • World's Finest: The brand for high quality meat
    • Tyson's IBP: The unique flavour of U.S. beef
    • AAco's 1824: Premium beef from Australia
    • El Rancho & San Alberto: Grainfed beef from Uruguay

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  • SNS


    Fresh and frozen meat from Poland

    Company SNS Foods was founded in 2005 in Poland and specializes in the commerce of pork, beef and poultry meat.

    SNS Foods is a company with a vast variety of products and even beyond meat, such as vegetables, fruit, fish, dairy products etc. Among company’s customers there are large companies of food processing, wholesale traders and even the group of companies HORECA.

    Thanks to its long term experience, SNS Foods can guarantee products of excellent quality and delivery to the premises of each customer.

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